We, the VISUALYS GmbH, are a corporate start-up of the Wachendorff Group and were founded in July 2019. We focus on the development, integration and consulting of software around Industry 4.0, SmartData and IIoT for the machine and plant manufacturer and operator.

The VISUALYS GmbH is located in the beautiful Rheingau, near Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Our Team

Robert Wachendorff

CEO & Visionary

Robert has one huge advantage: Experience. The entire team benefits from this and his vision as managing director of some other companies. For many years as a partner of the German machine builder market, Robert and his team have started VISUALYS. Together we discuss, together we make decisions. It works because Robert knows who he got into the boat.

Table Football Level: Not measurable today (yet).

Timo Semmler

Web Developer & Gourmet

After University, Timo became part of our team. With his quick comprehension, his clear and structured style, he fits perfectly into the team. That's what we need. One who keeps track while the rest of us digress. Timo is a pro in Web development. He recognizes the trends, follows developments on the market and always stays up-to-date.
Table Football Level: Power & Precision bring him to the top.

Table Football Level: Power & Precision bring him to to the top.

Sascha Isinger

Business Development & Globetrotter

Working many years in product management, international sales, and marketing gave Sascha the right keys for our start-up. He turns concrete ideas into concrete plans and is our number one contact for the IIoT, SmartData and Industry 4.0. In summary: He is our VISUALYS compass.

Table Football Level: At least he hits the ball.

Daniel Kamnitzer

Web Development & Barista

Daniel has been on board since the first line of code. Long before we started our start-up. He could also be our "developmental psychologist". He questions every idea. He always thinks two steps ahead without knowing what the next steps could be. He always puts himself in the position of a user. His best feature: just look outside the box.

Table Football Level: This strategist scores with speed and distraction..


Fluffy Feelgood Manager

Boogie is not just our Feelgood Manager. He is our motivator, a cuddler and a really creative guy. He sees our developments from a completely different perspective. His best feature: Once you are down, he pulls you up and lifts the mood. Not just in our start-up, but also in all areas around.

Table Football Level: He prefers to play golf.

What drives us?

For more than 40 years we have gained our experience in the field of industrial automation technology. With Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co KG, as one of the leading providers of industrial remote maintenance solutions, HMI devices & Panel PCs and gateways, we quickly realized the big increase and demands on data visualization and analysis. Based on this, VISUALYS deals exclusively with data analysis and visualization of machine data using the latest technologies.

We offer you the right visualization and analysis concept from the multitude of solutions offered with our many years of experience. Our offering ranges from a simple KPI dashboard to an industry-developed IIOT platform, to a fully open and scalable data analysis and data visualization solution.

What distinguishes us?

Our core competence is in data visualization and data analysis. Our specialists come from the fields of web development, data analysis, and automation technology. We speak your language.

Already today, we have created a possibility with a platform-independent KPI dashboard to present the most important and most relevant machine data at a glance.

Unlike other software solutions, you can configure the KPI Dashboard without special programming knowledge. Our KPI dashboard quickly brings light to the darkness. We are happy to modify any dashboard for you.

We are focused. Although this is not always easy with all the new and interesting topics that come up daily around I4.0, SmartData, and IIOT.

The VISUALYS GmbH from Geisenheim in the Rheingau focuses on the development, integration and consultation of software around the topics Industry 4.0, SmartData and IIoT for machine manufacturers, as well as operators.