Live Data

You receive the data of your plant in almost real time. We display the data your machine provides.

Historical Data

Beside your Live Data, we provide also historical data. The Ewon device acts as our data memory.


They support you to keep on track. One Dashboard – Several Machines? Just split it up!

Combine Data

We are able to combine several data in one widget. Especially if you want to compare the productivity of 2 machines.


We are not alone on that planet. Multilingualism is a standard for us. You can change the language on-the-fly. But you have to translate yourself!

Pure Web

No Installation needed!


Your Data stay at your machine!

Your Designer

Just try it!


Useful & Sexy!


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Some of the most frequently asked questions about “KPI Dashboard”.


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Dashboard Features


Your most important machine data from almost every control, sensor and measuring device.


Stay independent! Computer, tablet or smartphone.


No training or special expertise. You design your personal dashboard by yourself. Now!


Local or via Talk2M. Always secure and encrypted.


Loading time is annoying, so performance has priority. No matter where and how your machines are connected.


Self-explaining without intesive trainings. Just start and understand.


The little things are important. Also in the industry. This is what counts at our dashboard.


Always the latest development standards, regular updates. Dashboard & Team always up-to-date.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs (also known as key performance indicators) are indicators that can be used to monitor the progress or the degree of fulfillment in relation to important objectives within an organization.

In a nutshell: KPIs show the performance of your process.

Short question – Short answer: Everyone!

KPIs are used by everyone, e.g. health-related goals (weight reduction).
Companies use KPIs to track corporate goals. Within companies, there are many departmental KPIs, but also many corporate KPIs.
Department KPIs should be designed to have the total of these KPIs that influence corporate KPIs. Department leaders monitor with KPIs e.g. the productivity of each employee & process. Corporate KPIs are usually determined by the CEO and the Board.

Zwingend sind KPIs natürlich nicht.
Die Nutzung von KPIs soll aber dazu führen, dass das Unternehmen insgesamt besser wird und sich gegenüber Wettbewerbern behauptet. Alle Mitarbeiter sollen erkennen, ob sie ihre eigene Leistung oder die der Maschinen optimal & effizient ausschöpfen.

Mit dem Fokus auf Key Performance Indicators werden traditionelle Kennzahlensysteme so entrümpelt, dass die entscheidenden Erfolgsfaktoren besser in den Fokus rücken. In vielen Unternehmen gibt es eine Fülle von Kennzahlen, die in Berichten (oder Reports) aufbereitet und dargestellt werden und die kein Manager mehr überblickt. Die betroffenen Mitarbeiter wissen gar nicht mehr, welche Kennzahl wirklich relevant ist und auf welche Leistung es besonders ankommt.

Definitionen gibt es viele. Hier mal eine kleine Übersicht, was alles als KPI bezeichnet werden kann:

Produktionsausfälle, Durchsatz, Mitarbeiterproduktivität, Produktionskosten pro Stück, Instandhaltungsrate, Right-First-Time, Ausschussgrad, Stillstandsquote, Beleggrad, Belegnutzungsgrad, Nutzgrad, OEE-Index, Verfügbarkeit, Effektivität, Technischer Nutzgrad, Prozessgrad, First-Pass-Yield…

KPIs sind in der Regel keine direkten und abstrakten Maschinendaten. KPIs werden berechnet und dazu sind mindestens immer 2 Werte notwendig. Deshalb sind reine Maschinendaten keine KPIs.

Drehzahlen, Temperaturen, Füllstände, Fehlermeldungen, Luftdruck, Ventilzustände usw. sind also keine KPIs.

Aber: All diese Werte bieten die Möglichkeit, wenn sie richtig dargestellt werden, schnell Entscheidungen treffen zu können. Stellen Sie sich eine Drehzahl von 4.500 upm vor. Wissen Sie jetzt, dass diese Drehzahl eventuell zu hoch ist, wenn Sie nur die Zahl an sich sehen? Nein. Wenn aber der optimale Drehzahlbereich bei 0 – 4.000 upm liegt und die 4.500 sich bereits im roten Bereich befinden, sehen Sie sofort, dass Sie eingreifen müssen. Ähnlich wie bei Ihrem Armaturenbrett im Auto.

Also: Wie schnell und einfach Sie eine richtige Entscheidung treffen können, hängt u.a. auch von der Art und Weise der Darstellung ab. Mit den reinen Werten, die nicht im Bezug zu etwas stehen, können Sie nichts anfangen.

Grundsätzlich: Es gibt keine perfekte Antwort.

Es kommt immer auf Ihren Anwendungsfall an. Die Grundregel lautet: Je weniger KPIs Sie nutzen, desto besser ist es. Überlegen Sie genau, welche KPIs wichtig für Sie sind. Welche KPIs benötigen Sie um eine Entscheidung über weiteres (zukünftiges) Handeln zu treffen.
KPIs sollten so gewählt werden, dass Sie auf einen Blick sehen, was Sache ist. Viele Unternehmen stellen Ihre KPIs auf einem einzigen Bildschirm dar.

Faustregel: 4 bis 8 KPIs sind optimal!

Demo Dashboards




A German machine manufacturer delivered a machine to Chengdu in Sichuan province. Together with the Chinese customer, a completely new project was started: a dashboard for the presentation of the production. Manufacturers and operators use the data to optimize the machine.

At our headquarters in Geisenheim, we also use the KPI Dashboard to display the weather. This is provided to all our employees and affiliates around us.

For a leading operator of biogas plants in Northern Germany, we have developed a clear dashboard with a mix of machine data and KPI values. The operators of the plants have the opportunity to monitor at any time from any location in the world their biogas plant.

Dashboard Designer

Start creating your own dashboard. Anyone ist allowed to and can create a personal dashboards here.

With the designer you can realize your ideas immediately, without misunderstandings or waiting time.

In a nutshell: Our online specification generator


For every change you do on a widget, you’ll see an immediate result.

Personal Code

Thanks to your personal configuration code, you can always reload your dashboard or pass it on to colleagues.

Choice of Weidgtes

Choose from a variety of widgets. Choose the look that best suits to your KPI.

Scales, Colours, Description

Possibility of customizations for each individual widget.




per Runtime License
  • Up to 4 Widgets
  • Up to 1 Groups
  • Neutral CI
  • Ewon Alarm List



per Runtime License
  • Up to 12 Widgets
  • Up to 2 Groups
  • Customer Logo
  • Neutral CI
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • One-Time Setup 890 €



per Runtime License
  • Up to 48 Widgets
  • Up to 4 Groups
  • Customer Logo
  • Customer CI
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • One-Time Setup 890 €

KPI Starter-Kit

In our Starter Kit, you have the opportunity to upload in less than 5 minutes a dashboard to your Ewon device to get an initial experience. In the Starter Kit, you can currently view 3 widgets as active widgets. If you configure several tags, they will be displayed but displayed as inactive.

So you can start? We will guide you through the configuration step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Widgets can I use in one Dashboard?

Basically we have no limit. But: You should think very carefully about how many widgets make sense for you. The Smart Package, which has so far proven itself very well, contains up to 12 widgets, including the integration of your logo. If there are more than 12, we also offer the right package for this.

In my production we use HTML5 Webpanel? Does my dashboard run on it?

Yes, of course and even very good and performant. Basically it depends on the performance of your device. The dashboard is loaded and executed on your device.

I need to set an output within my system/controller. Can I solve this via the dashboard?

No. We only read the data, we do not write the data. Even if it is technically possible for us, we are also interested according to the Machinery Directive in the fact that it is not possible to switch or write from the distance.

I need a long-term record of my data and need to visualize it. Does the Dashboard offer me this possibility?

The recording has nothing to do with the Dashboard directly. The Ewon you use, stores your data until the internal ring memory is full. The Dashboard has the possibility to load and visualize this data. However, you must be aware that loading 30 days of recorded data will take much longer time than loading data from the last 24 hours.

Why use a dashboard and not my existing visualization?

You have certainly already invested a lot of work in the creation of your machine visualization. You should continue to use it. However, you will certainly be processing more machine data here, such as temperatures, fill levels and speeds. However, if you as a machine builder want to offer your end user a completely different view, the KPI Dashboard is absolutely suitable. You don’t need any additional hardware, because the user can use his own smartphone for the visualization.

I'd like to try this Dashboard. Is there a trial version?

Yes, of course. You have the possibility to watch different demos directly and to load them on your mobile device. You can use the Designer at any time. You don’t have to register or leave any data. The designer offers the possibility to create a dashboard as well as to watch it live. The third possibility is to order a StarterKit incl. hardware or download a StarterKit backup for your Ewon device and test a dashboard incl. 3 widgets.

I have an Ewon Cosy. Can I use a dashboard on it?

Unfortunatley not! We are sorry. The Ewon Cosy does not have an integrated web server and does not support the tag polling feature to get data from the connected controller.

We recommend using the Ewon Flexy 205.

I'm using a slightly older Ewon4005CD. Can I use the dashboard here?

Yes, we try to support older devices up to a certain product version. Possibly 2-3 widgets are not usable, because they are only active with a newer firmware version.

Why isn't the dashboard in the cloud?

We want you to keep your data locally. But there is nothing to stop you from bringing your data into the cloud. This has nothing to do with the dashboard, but rather with the connection of the Ewon device series to the cloud services.

I have already configured many tags in my Ewon. Can I add them to the dashboard?

Of course I do. The KPI Designer has an import function into which a backup file of the Ewon device can be imported. These imported tags can be assigned directly to different widgets.

We deliver approx. 10 units of the same type per year. Can I use the dashboard for each system

Yes, the dashboard is still linked to an Ewon device and tied to a serial number or serial number range. Once a dashboard has been created, it can of course be used on several systems of the same type. If the dashboard changes in its function or appearance, there is an option that can be added so that this also works perfectly on your system.

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