Central machine monitoring
in the cloud.

From now on, your plants in view at all times.
No long commissioning - No installation.

Access your data at any time. In the cloud!

For an optimal entry into the world of the Industrial Internet of Things, the VISUALYS IIoT platform is available to you to connect your devices quickly and without effort with the great advantages of cloud technology.

All protocols that suit you and your hardware can be used for this connection. There is no need to purchase expensive servers or develop complex software.

Without scaling problems, you can access your valuable data from anywhere and at any time and continue to focus on your core business.

Compatible with devices of the following manufacturers and protocols

Status & Location of the plants

Plant overview

The face of the platform: the map. When you log in, simply have a map show you where your machines and systems are distributed around the world and what their current status is. This way, it is very quickly clear which of your machines and systems are currently deactivated, which have a fault or which are running smoothly.

You define when a plant state changes: due to values from the plant or because e.g. the communication to the plant has been interrupted.

It couldn’t be easier to keep an overview.

Current & historical data

Data access

Your machine data is collected and saved in our platform and thus this data is immediately available for further analysis. Here, among other things, the bookable packages also differ. Many data correspond to a larger package, few data rather to a smaller package. Transparent and clearly plannable. 

In order to use your data, you simply have to select the desired data and the desired time period in each connected system. This is how simple it is to turn pure data into real information with added value.

Smartphone & Tablet

Platform via app

It’s nice that your data is centrally recorded, collected and stored. But easy access is also important. Remember? One of VISUALYS’ guiding principles: ease of use.

Getting data into the platform is just as easy as getting data out of the platform. No matter on which computer, tablet or smartphone: the platform with your data is available from anywhere to get an overview.

Call, SMS, Email & Push


Nowadays, machines & systems already report to you automatically in the event of a fault. But what about a central alarm management system that allows you to manage and keep track of all alarms?

In case of unusual behaviour or exceeding or falling below threshold values, the decisive persons can be alerted completely automatically. By phone call, SMS, e-mail or push messages on the smartphone. In the case of alarms by phone call, classic call chains with confirmation are of course also possible.

By the way: we also offer an on-call calendar. So every employee gets the right message at the right time. 

No Limitation

Users, Profiles & Rights

When it comes to users, profiles and rights, we focus on maximum flexibility. Everyone should have access to exactly the systems they need. Create an unlimited number of users and profiles for this purpose. Shared access and confusing user profiles are therefore no longer necessary.

Most important: You decide which of your employees, colleagues, customers and contacts should have access to which asset and which data. No one else!

Create & use in browser


In addition to the clear visualization of all plants in a map, it is of course also possible to display individual plants in detail. For this purpose, the most important information, data and statuses are summarized in so-called web-based dashboards and displayed in a special way. As with all functions of our platform, a pure Internet browser is sufficient here for the creation of the dashboard and also for its use.

You can get a local data visualization on your Ewon Flexy without transferring your data to the cloud here!

Link Files & Attachments

File Management

Whether maintenance reports, manuals, error logs or pictures of the plant. There are many documents and files that belong to a plant. These do not have to be stored and filed completely off-site. Link these files directly to the plant to find them quickly and specifically.

At the same time, users of the IIot Go! app can upload data directly from the asset to the platform. This could be, for example, an image of a problem that needs to be investigated by specialists at headquarters.

Process platform data

Export data

The export is as flexible as the data coming into the platform. The platform functions as a tool for analyses, alerts, etc., but also helps to standardize a wide variety of formats and then process the data again in your own solution via HTTP and CSV.

Download your data “on demand” or have the data automatically moved to a specific location at regular intervals. Here, the platform helps you save more working time.

Allow plants to communicate

Machine-to-Machine Automation

Locally, machines have always interacted with each other. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary for remotely located systems to react to actions. This does not require a complex and expensive dedicated line.

As soon as data from a plant arrives in the platform, it is possible to let other connected plants react to it automatically. For example, you can link every (non-time-critical) data point of your machine A with every (non-time-critical) data point of a machine B. The tools for this are provided in the platform. You get the tools for this in the platform.


Collect &

20 €

per device/month

20 Tags

per device

data points

per device/year


Additional data &

50 €

per device/month

50 Tags

per device

data points

per device/year


Automate &

80 €

per device/month

300 Tags

per device

data points

per device/year


Export data &
save permanently

150 €

per device/month

1.000 Tags

per device

data points

per device/year

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