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You know the problem? A lot of machines. A lot of data. And then distributed worldwide. A mess, even with centralized data management.

Ideally, you now have a central location to which your data is automatically transferred, collected and stored so that you can evaluate, analyze and compare it.

But do you want to acquire your own server, operate and maintain it and be responsible for the complete data security? Certainly not.

With the VISUALYS IIoT platform you have the possibility to collect data from all your machines centrally and completely hardware-independent, to access it around the clock and to use your expert knowledge correctly and sensibly.

Connection is a secondary matter. At least with us!

The most important question at the beginning is always: “Can I connect my equipment to the VISUALYS IIot platform? We will gladly answer this question with “most likely”!

Due to the integration of all common industry protocols into our IIoT platform, the hardware is actually secondary. So your first step would be to check whether your equipment can communicate MQTT, OPC-UA or ideally via its own API, because then integration into our IIoT platform is very easy.

P.S.: Even though it is probably clear to you, we would like to point this out again. Instead of costly uploading Big Data to monitor every bit & byte to the second and only then converting it into Smart Data, you should preprocess data in your hardware (at the edge).

What many forget: To transfer a lot of unnecessary data also costs a lot of unnecessary money.

Historical data

Analyse, compare and correlate collected data


Pass on your data to superordinate systems (ERP & Co)

Users & Rights

Different users require different rights. You have control


Get alerted by email, SMS and call!


Instant access from Smartphone & Tablet via App


Combine additional data (e.g. weather) with your data

Virtual plants

Combine several real plants into one virtual plant

Smart automation

Trigger automations by values and events


A worldwide overview, of all your plants and conditions

To come straight to the point:
With whom we are good?

As already said: The hardware is not really important, but nevertheless there is already a smart connection for many manufacturers. Especially for the Ewon remote maintenance router Flexy from HMS Networks. Here we use the manufacturer-specific API and bring your data to a central location within only 5 minutes. You only have to bring your machine & plant online.

Furthermore, our customers already use hardware from RedLion Controls, Seneca, Weintek and Teltronik. The list of new hardware will be extended regularly and we are looking forward to integrate your application. Please contact us directly!

Are you still looking for the right hardware? Then take a look at this

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2 months trial
  • Unlimited users
  • Web- & Smartphone-App
  • Email & Push Alerts
  • 10 tags per device
  • 0,1m datapoints per device
  • and even more
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per device/month
  • All Free Features
  • Subscription-Manager
  • Constant e-mail support
  • 20 tags per device
  • 0,2m datapoints per device/year
  • and even more
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per device/month
  • All Basic Features
  • Manual metadata
  • KPI formulas
  • 50 tags per device
  • 2m datapoints per device/year
  • and even more
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per device/month
  • All Standard Features
  • Automation rules
  • File Manager
  • 300 tags per device
  • 5m datapoints per device/year
  • and even more
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per device/month
  • All Professional Features
  • Lifecycle Manager
  • CSV- & API-Export
  • 1000 tags per device
  • 15m datapoints per device/year
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The VISUALYS GmbH from Geisenheim in the Rheingau focuses on the development, integration and consultation of software around the topics Industry 4.0, SmartData and IIoT for machine manufacturers, as well as operators.