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Our team in Germany

Our sales power in Germany

As a start-up, we can’t be on the road everywhere. In Germany, we have a brilliant team with real sales power at our side. Our colleagues from Wachendorff Prozesstechnik are available to answer all your questions about our software solutions. Our colleagues will also be happy to present the products to you live on site or online.

Olaf Rosebrock

Sales Wachendorff

PLZ: 17-31

Email to Olaf

Call Olaf at:
+49 151 27704176

Andreas Weible

Sales Wachendorff

PLZ: 70-79, 88-89

Email to Andreas

Call Andreas at:
+49 7125 9698847

Benjamin Ochsendorf

Sales Wachendorff

PLZ: 32-33, 40-52, 57-59

Email to Benjamin

Call Benjamin at:
+49 281 44297454

Stephan Schmidt Wachendorff Prozesstechnik

Stephan Schmidt

Sales Wachendorff

PLZ: 34-37, 53-56, 60-69

Email to Stephan

Call Stephan at:
+49 6722 9965233

Gottfried Babacic

Sales Wachendorff

PLZ 80-87, 90-97

Email to Gottfried

Call Gottfried at:
+49 9183 9049030

Our international partners

Our sales power abroad

USA & South America

980 Birmingham Rd. #721
Alpharetta, GA 30004 USA
+1 (678) 880-6910

South Africa

56 Regency Dr, Route 21 Business Park
Centurion, 0157, Südafrika
+27 (0)12 450 0300

We are always looking for international partners. Are you interested? Please contact Sascha Isinger. He will also be happy to advise you on all products if there is no partner in your country yet.



In a start-up, everyone does everything. Nevertheless, you will certainly find the right contact person here. We look forward to your message or your call.

Timo Semmler

Product Specialist Dashboard

Email to Timo

You can reach Timo at:
+49 6722 99 65 813

Daniel Kamnitzer

Product Specialist IIoT Platform

Email to Daniel

You can reach Daniel at:
+49 6722 99 65 811

Sascha Isinger

Mgr. Business Development

Email to Sascha

You can reach Sascha at:
+49 6722 99 65 812

Robert Wachendorff

Management & Visionary

Email to Robert

You can reach Robert at:
+49 6722 99 65 810


Feelgood Manager

VISUALYS GmbH focuses on the development, integration and consulting of software around the topics of Industry 4.0, SmartData and IIoT for the machine and plant manufacturer as well as the operator.