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At the end of February 2020 the VISUALYS GmbH from Geisenheim, a start-up which is engaged in the development of software solutions for the industry, became a member of the network „Automatisierungsregion Rhein Main Neckar“.

“We are very happy about VISUALYS joining our network. Automation and digitalisation can no longer be thought of separately today. We therefore need even more members to build the bridge between IT and classic automation. With VISUALYS we get exactly those competencies into our network that allow IT and automation to grow together”, explains Richard Jordan, who is responsible for the coordination between universities and regional companies as well as for “technology transfer” in Network Automatisierungsregion Rhein Main Neckar.

The network “Automation Region Rhine-Main-Neckar” sees itself as the interface between IT and production and promotes cooperation and information exchange with partners from automation and production. Due to the large number of companies and research institutions, the Rhine-Main-Neckar region has an extraordinarily large production spectrum and a high level of competence in the field of automation and digitalisation. This competence is bundled in the network of the automation region and makes it the ideal partner for making new contacts and expanding the exchange of experience.

Sascha Isinger, Manager Business Development, at VISUALYS GmbH leads with one of the main reasons for joining “To bring production and IT in line is still a small challenge nowadays. Many companies do not even know that there are potential partners in their direct neighbourhood who can help with the integration or implementation of projects. We are looking forward to actively expanding our network”.